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Lets Talk Bible Talk

Daniel 6:16-22

Although we have heard a lot about angels and demons for ions of generations, with our more modern Hollywood versions we learn what God's angels are not. In a nutshell, the only authority to speak accurately about angels and demons is The Bible. Hollywood has gotten it wrong again and again, it's projected a false Jesus in The Chosen who is not The Jesus of  The Bible and the list goes on and on.

When speaking of the realm of God and Satan, that is the realm of Angels and Demons.  We live in a natural world however, so we relate to what we can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel and touch.  But there is a supernatural world and that is the world of angels and demons  and they are all around us.  If we could right now pull back the veil and see what God sees, we would see the angels of God at work and the demons at work.

2Kings 6:14-17
In the Book of Kings is a story of Elisha The Prophet who was with his servant Gehazi and they fell asleep.  When they woke up they were surrounded by enemy forces and his servant woke up Elisha, "What are we going to do? Elisha said, "Don't be afraid, those with us are more than with them. Elisha sees his invisible spiritual protection." Then Elisha prayed, "Lord open his eyes so that he may see."  When the servant of  The Lord arose early and went out, there was an army surrounding the city with horses and Chariots."  God removed the veil between heaven and earth to spiritual realm and Elisha's  servant saw the hills in the distance. They were filled with angelic beings and chariots of great strength. Some versions read, chariots of fire. 

In the Hollywood movie The Preacher's Wife, what we are given is a lot of sensationalism regarding an angel supposedly sent from God, but in the bible angels were said to encamp around those who fear God and for purposes of protection and leading a righteous person in the way of the Lord, but man's responsibilities with family matters is never put in the hands of an angel to fix something, as we read in 2Peter 1:3, "God's Divine Power has given us everything for living a godly life through our knowledge of Jesus Christ." 

Lets first look at what angels mean or what one of their main functions are while looking at a biblical example.  When we read in scripture "The Angels of The Lord encamps around those who fear God (Ps 34:7)" we get a picture of those angels Elisha saw with his spiritual eyes while the supernatural gift of discerning of spirits was alive and well working in him at this moment. 

Thursday, September 7, 2023

Let's Talk Bible Talk - "Justice Delayed is Justice Denied" (Martin Luther King)

"Justice Delayed is Justice Denied"

Martin Luther King

When I heard this quote earlier this morning on a the Law and Crime real time court trial network, and after listening to the trial, I knew this would be my next message and I also knew exactly the direction I would go with it. 

The appeal to the judge by the mother of a 17/yr daughter who was brutally murdered in 2010 but not found till 12 years later, was heart-wrenching with compassion wishing I could take her pain away. When I heard the mother's appeal to the judge and the victim's  brother's pain that was more than he could handle and he expressed this over and over in front of the judge who was, surprisingly very compassionate and did not hold back this side of him. 

Every family member or friend was given opportunity to speak from their hearts that might help to release some of the-decade-long-pain. The mother said with her time allotted time, "I am a Christian but I am going to leave forgiveness to God."

I found myself immersed in this trial, the judge, and how he listened ever-so-attentively to each one who poured out their heart before him. When this happens with me, there's usually something God is getting ready to show me, and He did just this. I did not feel the judge rushed any of the sobbing speakers in the least. The judge seemed to understand how horrific their loss was.

When the mother said at one point, "I am a Christian but I am going to leave forgiveness up to God," then objectively, explained from a Christians' point of view.  She did this wisely with common sense born out of The Spirit of Law (never taking on the role in the courtroom of a theologian or bible teacher).  Her articulate delivery in between tears in front of the judge, communicated to me a thoughtful non-vengeful heart and mind. I felt it was intended to cause the judge to feel what she and everyone else who knows this void in their lives, was feeling. 

King David said: "In my distress, I cried out to God He heard me (
 Ps. 120:1 )."  

All these broken hearts had their turn to look the judge in his eyes and spill out what this pain has been like for the past 12 years, but the trial only now taking place in 2023, and while the killer was in the courtroom as well.  She expounded with, "In my heart I find it very hard to forgive someone who has shown no remorse, no compassion, who has committed the unspeakable."  This friend/killer was found guilty of tampering with her daughter's dead body, sexual assault and more, and left her body in the woods for the animals to tear apart. 

The part that was hardest for the mother and family to grasp was that, the perpetrator  knew all those years where she was. Not once did he even make an anonymous call to the police to point them to where she could be found, not once she emphasized. How many sleepless nights, depression, and more did these victims of such loss endure and needlessly, when all he had to do was point the police as to where to find her. He allowed investigators, family, and friends to vigilantly continue their search for her for all those years. 

Early on and upon finding out that her daughter was missing, the mother went to killer's door asking if he had seen her daughter, only for him to slam the door in her face. Years later she'd learn her daughter's friend, was also her calloused, brutal, and cold-blooded killer.

Fast forwarding, the judge was permitted by law to give  a maximum sentence of no more than 4/yrs in prison (this, in the state of Kentucky) while the mother and other family members begged the judge to give the max hoping for more something like the death sentence, but they were in the wrong state for this. Then he said, "although 4 years is the maximum by law he deserves far more than this but I don't make the laws I just enforce them."  This judge knew, and just listening to him as he was about to give the sentence, that justice was not found in this state law.  This maximum was not The Justice and The Judgment of God for this man who was already on parole at the time he also took the lives of all those who loved her and leaving much sadness for the entire community.    

If it were not for this real time court trial I watched on the Law and Crime network concerning Page who is the focus of,  "The Teen Mom Mystery Death," I would have missed the brother's salvation message and open courtroom prayer for the killer. For Mr. Johnson the brother, he said he has forgiven this unremorseful, cold blooded, bound for hell monster for his sister's death.  But he lets it be known loud and clear as he says, "My own life has been taken from me and has never been the same." He talks about how for such a long time, he hated the person who did this to his sister. Then he said, "I now pray for people like this who treated his sister like a piece of trash to be thrown away."  

While also stating this savage calloused murderer did not deserve  Grace or Mercy he felt God wanted to extend His Grace through him, and while standing before the judge and with this killer sitting in the court room behind him, this evangelist son did not hold back while looking straight ahead at the judge. He said, he prays and hopes that someday this person will repent and realize his need for Jesus Christ as His Savior.  And again he expressed, "I hope he mans up and apologizes to his family and that he would humble himself before the Lord once and for all."

It was obvious Mr. Johnson, Page's brother, was holding back uncontrollable sobbing as we heard with his voice. He did make it a point for this really really bad person to hear that God does forgive even the worst of sinners with heartfelt remorse and life changing repentance. He emphasized, he can still be saved if he's ever remorseful before it's too late.

At the end of his speech he read from 1Samual 2:1-10:

             “My heart exults in the Lord;
          my horn is exalted in the Lord.

My mouth derides my enemies,
    because I rejoice in your salvation.

“There is none holy like the Lord:
    for there is none besides you;
    there is no rock like our God.
Talk no more so very proudly,
    let not arrogance come from your mouth;
for the Lord is a God of knowledge,
    and by him actions are weighed.
The bows of the mighty are broken,
    but the feeble bind on strength.
Those who were full have hired themselves
out for bread, 
but those who were hungry
have ceased to hunger.

The barren has borne seven,
    but she who has many children is forlorn.
The Lord kills and brings to life;
    he brings down to Sheol and raises up.
The Lord makes poor and makes rich;
    he brings low and he exalts.
He raises up the poor from the dust;
    he lifts the needy from the ash heap
to make them sit with princes
    and inherit a seat of honor.
For the pillars of the earth are the Lord's,
    and on them he has set the world.

“He will guard the feet of his faithful ones,
    but the wicked shall be cut off in darkness,
    for not by might shall a man prevail.
10 The adversaries of the Lord shall be broken to pieces;
    against them he will thunder in heaven.
The Lord will judge the ends of the earth;
    he will give strength to his king
    and exalt the horn of his anointed.”

And when he finished reading the judge said: "Thank you for that, I really appreciate it."  

With all the corrupt judges we hear about that are serving the devil today in politics, it so refreshed my soul that God let me hear and see at least one judge after His Own Heart is still active and doing right as the righteous do, as much as possible. I looked at the judges face as the trial progressed, and that he involved himself emotionally and mentally in these lives, never letting a distraction ever turn his eyes away from them for one minute, showed me this judge and those like him, are useful to God today more than they probably.  He and those like him, are a shelter of hope and peace, a strong tower for the righteous and innocent who may need him one day.

Law and Crime is one of the few channels for crime I subscribe to, for I love to see how God works in real life court trials and for some reason or other, I have never seen a judge that leaned far left or even close to it on this channel.  I think this network prides itself with the cream of the crop judges.  It's simply a quality of law and crime that shows the justice and judgment of God when all is said and done.

The judge acknowledge while getting ready to give the sentence, that the probability of the accused to offend again is great, so parole was not going to be an option, especially since he did what he did while on parole. He acknowledged that the accused has been indifferent with a lack of compassion. He acknowledged how accused was the last person seen with the 17/yr old and when the mother went to his house and knocked on his door looking for her daughter, he slammed the door in her face. 

At closing and while the judge was giving his summery of the trial he said, "Everyone now knows 
the truth, knows what you did, and I am going to impose the maximum sentence of prison time." Some love gospel preacher would love to come behind this and say, but God said to love ! Aren't we supposed to love one another? And yes, I know a few just like this, however, they might think twice if it were a judge doing the right thing even though it's not their right thing.

The judge reiterated what he said earlier: "Justice delayed is justice denied."  Then he said, "therefore I will not delay justice any longer."

"Love is patient and love is kind" but.... it also "does not delight in evil and rejoices in the truth." 

The judge, friends and family did just this, they did not delight in evil and rejoiced that The Truth and a maximum sentence found a bold period after it.
1Cor. 13:6,  


“You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven. For he makes his sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust. For if you love those who love you, what reward do you have? Do not even the tax collectors do the same? And if you greet only your brothers, what more are you doing than others? Do not even the Gentiles do the same?  You therefore must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.
Matt. 5:43-48

* Interestingly, none of those mentioned here are hard core criminals, non-remorseful for far more than a day only, unrepentant and would kill again as the judge pegged it. The judge said, if he were given only rehabilitation then was let out sooner than he should have been, he'd kill again.

* "The Lord preserves all who love Him, but the wicked he will destroy - Ps. 145:20 * "The Lord tests the righteous HATES the wicked and the one who loves violence.  

* But you say, I believe God is Love. Let me say, He IS Love but that love consumes him to bless his creation, His Righteous Ones who live to obey and have a relationship with Him, for which He cannot do as long as sin, pride, and idolatry of every kind, thrives with no remorse and self-serving pride.

* We read: "God opposes the proud but give grace to the humble"
(James 4:6).

* God singles out those he will not tolerate nor offer mercy, to be the blasphemous deeds of idolaters, sexual immorality, injustice, pride and more Rev. 2:6. 


Was this killer their brother as referred to in the following verse ? He is not. So how do you treat someone like this killer?  For a felon or someone committing crimes, all the laws that apply to a normal non-violent situation, do not apply to these 

Jesus said: "Pay attention to yourselves! If your brother sins, rebuke him, and if he repents, forgive him, and if he sins against you seven times in the day, and turns to you seven times, saying, ‘I repent,’ you must forgive him."

*  God will go to extremes and expects us as His Ambassadors of Christ, to do the same for that truly repentant heart.  Most likely it wasn't the same sin seven times, but we are not told.

"But the wicked are like the tossing sea;

    for it cannot be quiet,
    and its waters toss up mire and dirt.
21 There is no peace,” says my God, “for the wicked.”

Isa. 57:20-21

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Lets Talk Bible Talk - The Message & The Method

Some people say only the message is sacred but the reality is, the message, the messenger, and the method the message is delivered are all sacred.

Those who carry God's Message that contains an extraordinary plan, will avoid a disaster if it's carried as Timothy was counseled: STUDY... and HANDLE it CORRECTLY ! 2Tim. 2:15

Both the message of The Bible and the method of spreading that message are sacred. Many times churches will try to say that only the message is sacred.
When we read The Bible we see That God commands what we say and how we are to say it, thus both the message and the method are included as directives from God.

The Ark of The Covenant was built as a Testament to The Presence of God in Israel.  God gave specific directions on how it was to be built and transported. Inside the Ark was placed The Stone Tablets of  the law, along with a golden pot of mana, and Aron's rod that budded. This Ark carried The Law, The Word of God. 

Under David's rule as King an attempt was made to move The Ark back to Jerusalem.  Instead of searching the law for how this was to be done, David and his men put it on a New Cart and started the journey.  A man died when he reached out to steady the Ark.  The method of transporting The Ark, was on the backs of men.  The new way failed with drastic consequences.

God still carries His Message on the backs of men.  This is God's Way. Certainly we can teach, preach, sing, and testify of the Word of God, but God still seeks to carry His Word through a human vessel. 

We must always be careful not to attempt to carry The Gospel on carts of religion and denominations.  God still anoints individuals to carry His Word.

The method of how The Word is taught and preached, matters. The method being, HOW the messenger delivers what God has given them and this is, as sacred as The Message.

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Lets Talk Bible Talk - And ALL The Promises of God Were Fulfilled !

And All God's Promises Were Fulfilled !
Joshua 21:45

We often hear about God's Promises but today when I was driving back from work while on the road with christian  radio on as I usually do, I heard, "Not one of ALL God's Promises to Israel failed; every one was fulfilled." My spirit soared, and my mind followed while my soul felt just how Great God is !  I knew this would materialize into another message for all who would receive from His Very Heart.

There was no question in my mind that this would be my next message for for Lets Talk Bible Talk. When I run out of inspirations from The Holy Spirit I pray God give me what's on Your Heart, Your Message, and this is it for today.  I also knew this is toooo good for me to keep for myself only. I also fully understand that I have no right to sit on my gifts and leave these dormant, but have every obligation to Christ's Body to encourage, comfort, build up and strengthen with what He provides.


God's Might and Power is evident in His everlasting promise to Israel first laid out in Genesis 12:1,3.  There He Promises He will make Israel into a great nation and will bless them.  Later on in Deut. 30:3-5, God promises to Israel a specific land.  Lets hear what the Stephen in Acts 7 isn't sitting on thinking about whether or not he should speak prophetically what the people needed to be reminded of. He reminded them just befor being stoned to death regarding God's Promise with making Israel into a great nation in the following:

"God your God will restore everything you lost; He'll have compassion on you; he'll come back and pick up the pieces from all the places where you were scattered. Vs. 5 - He will bring you back to the land your ancestors once possessed, it will be yours again."

But lets back up and understand what ALL of God's Promises Fulfilled consisted of.  We want to hear about and I'd rather talk about ALL His Blessings and give minimal time to His Promises of Curses and Punishments for anyone bringing harm to Israel and for those who are not repentant.

So lets to KNOW GOD more and then some, through His Word and the mouths of His Prophets.

Lets understand a few things about the Israelites first. They were founders and first followers of Judaism. According to the Hebrew Bible, the Israelites were enslaved by Egypt before breaking free under the guidance of Moses and returning to the land of Canaan. 

Stephen recounts the history of Israel and names Moses as a prototype of Christ - he testifies of the apostasy in Israel - Stephen's testimony is rejected and he is stoned to death Acts 7:1-68.

God has fulfilled the promises of a land:
Acts 7:1-5 - "the high priests asked, are these things so?
And he (Stephen) said: "The God of Glory appeared to our Father Abraham in Mesopotamia, before he lived in Haran. He said, leave your country while he was still in Mesopotamia. 'Leave your country and your people, God said, and go to the land I will show you.' So he left the land of the Chaldeans and settled in Harran. After the death of his father God sent him to this land you are now living. God gave him no inheritance here, not even enough ground to set his foot on. But God promised him that he and his descendants after him would possess the land even though at that time Abraham had no child."

God spoke to him in this way: "For four-hundred years your descendants will be strangers in a country not their own, and they will be enslaved and mistreated, but I will punish the nation they serve as slaves; and afterward they will come out of that country and worship me in this place. Then he gave Abraham the covenant of circumcision. And Abraham became the father of Isaac...and Isaac became the father of Jacob and Jacob became the father of the twelve patriarchs."

As the time grew near when God would fulfill His Promise to Abraham, the number of people in Egypt had greatly increased."

Then Moses was born and God's Greater Plan with Promises began with his many years on the "Potter's Wheel," The Master Potter who is known as the God of Abraham, Isaaic, and Jacob, molding and shaping Moses preparing him for a high calling.  He would become  valuable to God for the need of leading God's People out of bondage to slavery, and into their inheritance of The Land of Canaan, the land God had Promised them. But this promise would not be fulfilled for over forty years. Though the Israelites did not have enough faith to enter The Promised Land after 11/days, God worked with them until they were faithful enough to receive their inheritance. 

I emphasized the word received because even with us today many of us know God has promised us a calling while He has been preparing us for for, sometimes decades, but we're just are not seeing it. Could it be because our faith in God to fearlessly do His Will and Plan just has not increased enough to where we can be used by Him for a greater plan than we can't even imagine?  

After all, aren't the needs in our world today in so many ways beyond what has ever before happened in history? Is there a need for a few high callings in 2023 with our nation living under the most barbaric government loving crime, loving the homeless who they encourage to take up root in country now taking over our cities with poverty and disease everywhere they live, loving abortion upon demand and now grieving that their bill for the abortion pill that is able to instantly kill a woman's baby, was redacted with another and stronger bill coming right behind the devil who THOUGHT he could get the blood of countless more babies with this bill, the blood of the most of innocent of all?

But they do not know that God's Promises are being fulfilled through His Word, even now for He says:

"Vengeance is mine..." Deut. 32:35  The Apostle Paul has this to say about God's promises to justify the innocent, and judge the wicked:

"Do not take vengeance my dear friends, but leave room for God's wrath, for it is written, "It is mine to avenge; I will repay says The Lord" Rom. 12:19. This is a promise we have seen fulfilled with Ananias and Sapphira who kept the profits of something sold and it was money that belonged to the church. When the apostle confronted them, they both fell dead, one at a time (Acts 5:1-11).  

God is a God of judgment and justice and those who are not faithful To God and choose sin instead of doing the right they know to do, will answer to God and His vengeance promised. God is Faithful to His Promises as we have seen with Israel. And He remains faithful today with blessings to His faithful and judgment for the unrepented evil doers.

Both blessings and the curses have been fulfilled even though it seemed that God had failed with His Promises those 40/years in the desert, but instead, he was preparing them to receive their inheritance. They surely saw His Promises of punishment as well, where God said He would punish those who mistreat His People Israel, and this was fulfilled when the chariots of Pharaoh and his army were swallowed up by The Red Sea, and they the result of a Promise of God that did not fail. Before the Red Sea, Moses a Voice for God, promised vengeance on the land of Egypt where every first born was killed. God's Promises are fulfilled.

These promises made to Abraham by God were fulfilled and we see Stephen in Acts 7, reminding God's People of what He did for them all those years they wondered in the desert.  He reminded them of promises fulfilled and he was telling them to not forget Israel's history and that God IS Faithful to ALL His Promises (Acts 7).

No psychic, wizard, or witch is able to match the Power of God to Fulfill such promises, promises that found Israel in their Promised Land once they were well-prepared to take it over, remove the giants in the land, build it up, cultivate it and enjoy just how good God is ! 

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Lets Talk Bible Talk - Priscilla A Woman Preacher


Priscilla - A Woman Preacher

No doubt the title alone on this post will grab the attention of lots of different kind of viewers, firstly, those religious demons out there who like to make God's Word say what they learned in seminary and which they did not dissect for themselves.  If you are a follower of John MacArthur and others like him, you should know that what he teaches on this subject matter is injurious to The Body of Christ, and that is, putting it mildly.  When I heard him teach on this subject matter of women in ministry, all I could think of is, The Apostle Paul would have a field day with him and surely he'd  be reprimanded with, YOU are not handling scripture correctly!!   Surely he'd add, you are supposed to be rightly diving the word of truth and this you clearly have deprioritized. 

You who mishandle The Word of God and try to defuse any woman on fire with The Holy Spirit from speaking, teaching and PREACHING The Word of God instead of making room for her for the building up of The Body of Christ, while such women are handling correctly The Word of Truth, you have just opened up Pandora's box for yourself because most of us well-studied teachers and ministers of His Word value a reasonable dialogue and we will find you out (you who are not handling God's Word correctly).  We know our bibles and should you ever give us a chance to reason scripturally with you, let this here be a good starting point.

We are those who have meditated day and night for decades, on The Living and Active Word of God (Heb. 4:12), to find out how He intends it to read, never trying to get God to agree with us but to hear what He has to say.

These highly decorated pastors with these extensive degrees they try to sell us on - their educated backgrounds in order for us to listen to and trust them. These take verses out of context, cherry picking verses to fit their cosmic soup of pick and choose enlightenments.  

So for all you religious demons out there who make up many pastors, casual seekers of God, and you know-it-all-teachers and preachers not rightly dividing (handling correctly) The Word of God as Timothy was counseled (2Tim. 2:15), how are you going to justifiably delineate Priscilla as a co-worker with Paul, who eventually had her own church with her gift of teaching thriving and this in the first century were women were silenced and to be seen in the background only.  It was Priscilla who the many recently baptized believers were directed by Paul to go to her home to learn? And we are told that Paul had to take Aquilla under his wing to teach him more adequately. It did not say, him and Priscilla. We will understand more about this in the following.

Acts 18
It all begins after Paul left Athens and went to Corinth.  Scriptures say, "there he met a Jew named Aquilla (Acts 18:1)."  Lets stop here for a moment and hear what has been said.

In the first breath of mentioning Aquila in this verse, Priscilla, his wife, is like a non-essential to this relationship. But should we be surprised? That was the culture of that day and if you stay with me, we will understand the many problems of the first bran new baby, The Church of Corinth encountered, due to culture. After they spent time with Paul he begins to introduce them as Priscilla and Aquilla, and from then on, this is how they were mentioned the many other times they were introduced in scripture. 

 This church now, is a large gathering and up until now, women were not be permitted to be seen with any large gathering. Nor were women in the first century allowed to go shopping or to pursue a divorce, or to even learn. It's almost like Priscilla is a non-entity when considering 18:1 where she is not introduced with Aquilla at the onset.  But just wait! Paul is about to turn this around.  We know Paul is not about living up to customs or a status quo of the day that generally defied God's Ways
and teachings. He's about to libertate this woman Priscilla, and it will be with The Gospel of Good News!.

This verse goes on to say, and he (Aquilla), came from Italy with his wife Pricilla.  Paul is about to do something radical, and lets understand with a fuller understanding of Paul's entire ministry, he is a liberator of women again and again. Much to the contrary of those who want to say he oppressed women while taking scripture literally not realizing that scripture is inspired by The Holy Spirit, but that does not mean that translators are as well, and scripture is meant to be STUDIED. 

The oppositions to Paul try to say he taught the men in the church to silence women while teaching that women must remain silent.  Hold on to your seat!! I know you've probably heard teachings many times on Women In Ministry or about Priscilla a Woman Preacher.  So have I. But this insight here, will set women and men both free from false teachings that have consumed the church for ages. 

With some intense STUDY, the complete opposite about Paul is true and I must say, anyone teaching what God did not intend the following verses to say about silencing women and even as much as implying they must not speak in the church, has got it all wrong and are not handling scripture correctly.  You may be able to spit out verses on que but how you handle the knowledge you have is paramount with God.

 At this time when all the Jews were ordered to leave Rome, how devastating this must have been to Aquilla and Pricilla for most of their lives they lived in Rome and were most likely leaders of the church there. So now they have to leave and don't know where they are going. When they came to Corinth, Paul found them scripture says. The Greek word for found, is heuriosko. This word means a moment of eureka, an element of surprise.  Paul joined them in their tent making and taught every Sabbath in the Synagogue.

Since we know Paul to be an opportunist for he taught: Make the most of every opportunity, we don't want to miss the next thing he did after he had encountered conflict as a result of his preaching in Thessalonica and Berea and had been carried to Athens as a place of safety. But while he was waiting for his companions Silas and Timothy to arrive, Paul was distressed to see Athens full of idols. At the time of Pauls visit to Athens, that city was not an  important political seat.  Corinth was the commercial and political center of the world. But while Paul was in Athens he took the opportunity to tell the Greek philosophers about this Jesus he knew, giving the entire Gospel of Christ, then talk with the epicurean and stoic philosophers as well. Then he left and went to Corinth.

Back peddling some, just after leaving Athens Paul went to Corinth.

Just a little clue as to where I am going with this, we will hear Paul say, for the unifier peacemaker he is, "There is no Jew nor Greek, no slave nor free, male nor female while summing it all up with essentially saying, there will no longer be distinctions made IN Christ - He was preaching The Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In Corinth, Paul found Aquilla as scriptures tell us in vs.1, but we now see a flip-flop concerning the customary way to introduce a husband and wife happening with how Paul refers to this husband and wife in verse 1.  

Pricilla and Aquilla have become co-workers with Paul - this doesn't imply they were subservient or lower than Paul. His co-workers meant their focus with the ministry was equal to Paul's ministry. 

When he makes his point to the Jews and Gentiles that there is to no longer distinctions between men and women as they had been doing, we see a revival taking place.  The Gospel of Christ had landed on receptive ears while they were growing a multitude of believers in Corinth.

One of the distinctions was to use the husband's name first in a title. But when Paul switched up the custom of the day to say, "Pricilla and Aquila," lets hear what he just said.  He just said, there is equality IN Christ, or did he say, because she was well versed in scripture, it might be wise for Aquilla to learn to her?

This was a first for never before had something so radical as this taken place. Paul not only acknowledged Priscilla, but he had given her and Aquilla a new rank and status for his radical move with title change. And this was just the beginning of the greater revolutionary statements Paul would make, liberating women IN Christ for the sake of The Gospel, in the church inCorinth.

 It was the custom of that day for the husbands name to be said first in their title, and the wife's name said after his. Her name in that culture under Roman Law - lets keep in mind it was all about Roman Law and why Paul was ever-so-passionate to make his way to Rome to give The Gospel To Caesar, did not even have to be mentioned at all when introduced. 

On a similar note, to women in that culture submission did not mean what the word obey in the way it was used for "children obey your parents."  They weren't allowed to teach, because they were "unlearned." Clearly and using Priscilla as an example, when they become well-learned in scripture, they can and should teach 

Today, and where we read women must submit to their husbands, we who have studied know, this word is not what the Greek interpretation says when we understand it should read, "come together."

From this time on, from their initial meeting in Corinth where a church is rising up and this under Priscilla's and Aquila's preaching  (16:5) - Paul liberated Priscilla in this way for it is understood with study, she was more learned in the scriptures than Aquilla was. And from this time on and four other times when we see these co-workers of Paul mentioned, their title always finds Priscilla's name first. Paul surely was making a point by switching the order of their names, and he, becoming a troublemaker in the eyes of the Jews. 

We might ask, in our culture does that really matter? To us today it doesn't matter for most couples. But we must understand what Paul had just done for referring to Priscilla first in a title. He had just rattled a whole lot of cages and stepped on the toes of a lot of religious demon's.

Paul followed the model of Jesus.  Paul and Jesus both were liberators of women - Jesus allowing Mary to sit at His Feet to be taught and she referring to Jesus as "Teacher"(Jn. 20:16), and Jesus not stopping her, was an indication that
a revolutionary new thing was happening. And Paul had entered the scene in Corinth and he was not going away with his new and revolutionary message either.

When we see something in scripture that says the following while being applied to women today, a diligence with a cultural background study, reveals much.

"...the woman must keep silent in the churches for they are not permitted to speak but should be in submission, as the law also says, and if it is their desire to learn anything they should ask their own husbands at home, for it is improper for a woman to speak in the church" 1Cor. 14:34. This is, a woman being taught by her husband and Paul liberating the ignorant to scripture women in this way, as strange as it seems to us today.

When hear verses like this, we must investigate further as to what was really being said, for the first century church would have understood what was intended. Today, we must take heed to what Paul taught: "STUDY...correctly handling The Word of Truth" (2Tim. 2:15).  If we want to know what was happening in this particular and very new church were women were only now allowed to be seen in public and never before, we must know what this word silence means, and it is best understood in the Greek translation.  What it does not mean is, she cannot talk at all.

If we were going to read that verse literally without study and which has happened in the church for ages the end result is nothing short of a whole lot of  believers embracing a
 deception for surface understanding only.  It's called, a foothold for the devil, the zenith opportunity to deceive the weak and ignorant.

It's not women libbers trying to take over our churches with this line of thinking. It's the well-studied who have been on hold for what has seemed an eternity, to finally find our voice to speak up for what we have seen with the mishandling of scripture in more ways than one.  It's time to take back what Satan has stole with the reinventing of our bibles and who Jesus is, while God's Heart grieves for what happened to these reinventions that are not His Words, except for a few bibles and a rare faithful handlers focused on making God's Word say what He intended it to say.

Lets not blame women libbers for having slithered their way into our churches.  It's the incompetent teachers and preachers who, for far-too-often, have slung  around scriptural lies that muddy the waters of Truth within our churches. Taking verses out of context or cherry picking verses, find God's set apart apostles and prophets coming out from the wood work doing what we do best, and that is, being wise stewards of His Word, wise administrators the Greek translation of stewards teaches. Picking up the scattered pieces to maintain the authenticity of scripture as much as possible, is the forward move of some of us confirming and defending The Truth of The Good News  (Phil.1:7).

The command to remain silent in the church was geared toward the disruptive conversations happening while the speaker had the platform. (Many bible scholars believe it may have been one woman in the church who was the culprit for problems being addressed). If this is so, the be silent in the church and I do not permit a woman to speak, would not have applied to the whole church of women.

Without knowing that there was a problem of serious disorder in this church needing the structure we see evolving as a result, the application of these verses is a misfit for non problematic churches today. The very young Corinthian Church with all the crazy and idolatrous beliefs in Ephesus with the goddess Artimas that taught woman to be supperior to men and that most likely many of the women in the church had come from, Paul had his hands full with instructing this church.  And women for the first time being allowed to be seen in public, are not our churches today and to apply the needed rules of Corinth to a spiritually strong church of leaders and believers, is clearly not rightly dividing the Word of Truth.

We can imagine these women full of excitement for the first time in their lives becoming part of a gathering with a church, whereas, in the past large gatherings were only for men. And of course, without having the necessary order to make these gatherings go as smooth as possible, they'd take their new founded freedoms to extremes with their
usurping of authority. However, a sense of order had to come into play, thus these instructions intended specifically for this problem in this church. If men were usurping authority in the church, they too would be instructed to not to usurp authority. 

I always teach, yes teach, as it's a much-needed instrument and gift to The Body of Christ to redirect a train I see going the wrong way. 

There are at least three rules of thumb for studying scripture:

1) WHAT was the original message?  

2) WHO was it spoken to?  

 3) HOW does it apply to us today?

If we study with these three things in mind and I'm sure there's more, misunderstandings today of how God intended chapters and verses to read, would be next to none.

The Corinthian women were trying to have their husbands teach them with their conversations going on in the church. This was the problem.  Paul then says, "If there is anything they desire to learn, let them ask their husbands at home, for it is dishonorable for a woman to speak in the church (1Cor. 14:36).  Lets hear what he just said.  Paul just liberated the women of the day with, "learn at home."  With the Grk. understanding he was actually saying with the word ask, interrogate your husband's at home. 

Women were not even permitted to learn in that culture, much less teach or read a book. I may be redundant with saying this, but it cannot be taught enough. The harm of mishandling with this problem and a kind of fresh new breath in this church, has created distorted viewpoints God never intended for women and men today who THOUGHT they had been teaching these biblical issues correctly.

In our times, are women disrupting a speaker/pastor in our churches to where we must tell them, you can't speak or, "women must remain silent in the church?"  And did God intend no speaking or silence to be taken literally? Did God intend for such a seemingly iron yoke of bondage to be the message for ALL churches for all time?  Or was these instructions for a specific for this problem in this church?  

Do we have women - or men for that matter, usurping  authority in our churches today? I'm not seeing this happening. But in that church men weren't causing such a problem otherwise they too would have been instructed about usurping.  If that is happening, then of course there is a problem that needs to be addressed. Both Jesus and Paul preached and taught equality - Paul, said let a women learn in silence (1Tim. 2:11-12). When he said "I do not permit a woman to teach, this refers to those not well-taught or well-studied. We know this for Priscilla, this woman preacher/teacher, was was referred by Paul directing believers to her house to grow and be taught. 

Women in those times were not even permitted to learn, and in silence simply meant peaceably to not draw attention to themselves for the Roman law forbidding women to learn, was still enforced.  Regarding both men and women in Christ, there should never be a need to usurp authority if unity in Christ is what matters most to us.  In the right church with God's Voices coming from men and women both, the problems that this most unorganized church in Corinth was having and as new babies do, should not be happening in churches today and why it's vital we learn what's applicable today and what's not.  

So, unless those specific problems are happening in our churches today, it's a done deal according The Apostle Paul in that, there is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Jesus Christ (Gal. 3:28).

Men and women need to learn to see themselves as God sees them. Men need to see themselves as The "Bride" of Christ. Women need to learn to see them selves as "Sons" of God. Only IN Christ are men and women differences obliterated.  We see this with these terms alone being used interchangeably throughout scripture.

In case your scratching your head asking yourself, how did I miss this deeper understanding about women in ministry? And this here is not what I was taught, you're thinking.  Let me clarify. Scripture is clear, it's our brainwashing, wrong or incomplete teaching IN Christ. IN Christ is the qualifier. There are no longer distinctions between Jews or Greek, slave or free, white or black, man or woman in the New Covenant era. 

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Thursday, August 31, 2023

Lets Talk Bible Talk - Understanding "Meek and Lowly"

What Did Jesus Mean when He said "I am Meek and Lowly?"

Matt. 11:28-29

Definition of Meek in Biblical terms:  "Power under Control." This means two things 1) Refusal to inflate our own self-estimation;  2) Reticence to assert ourselves for others. Paul captures the first aspect perfectly in Romans 12:3. "For by the grace given to me I say to everyone among you not to think of yourself more highly than yo ought to think, but to think with sober judgment, each according to the measure of faith God has assigned.  Meek people see themselves as servants of God. To be meek is to accept our strengths and limitations for what they truly are, instead of constantly trying to portray ourselves in the best possible light.  But it does not mean we should deny our strengths and limitations for what they truly are.

When Jesus was asked if He was The Messiah, He replied:  "The blind receive their sight, the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised and the poor have good news brought to them. And blessed is anyone who takes no offense at me (Matt. 11:4-6)." He had neither an inflated self-image nor an inferiority complex, but a servant's heart based on what Paul would later call "sober judgment (Rom. 12:3)."

In the Old Testament Numbers 12:3, Moses was the meekest man on earth. He was the only person that the Old Testament describes this way. We tend to think of meekness as mousy and quiet, lacking in opinions and backbone.  Since Moses is described as meek though, what this tells us is, we must STUDY to show ourselves wise stewards (Grk. administrators) of the Word of God, rightly dividing (or correctly handling), the Word of Truth.  It tells us that scripture must have a different understanding of the word meek that even the mares of Solomon were referred to.  These mares were so submissive to it's handlers mere tap of the reigns that they were so well-trained to do and go where they were directed, meek and humble to the right voice and we too  can learn so much from this teaching of Solomon as well. 

Moses' meekness compels us to act when God and His Word are dishonored and also to be humble before Him, putting the interests of God's People above our own interests  (Deut. 9:25).

When our own wills grow more and more alongside God's Will, we decrease and He increases (Jn. 3:30)." His priorities become ours and we can submit to hard providences in a way that surpasses all understanding.  "in our own souls is some conformity to the God of Peace (Mathew Henry)."  This kind of conformity can also be likened to The Peace In The Eye of The Storm" when our storms of life appear to outsiders as out-of-control

It's been said, PEACE is Power Under Control as is the meekness of Jesus when He let us know where His Power comes come from, and that is, when having learned to be meek and lowly without becoming a wimp lacking conformity to The Will of God, we are then guided by The Eye of God  (Ps. 32:8) and no longer led with bit and bridle (James).

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Sunday, August 27, 2023

Lets Talk Bible Talk - Judgment Begins With The House of God



Judgment Begins With The House of God  - 
1Peter 4:17  

How can we as followers of Jesus Christ place emphases on judging a corrupt governor as we have in California for one, when countless numbers of churches throughout the state need a make over such as removing the swamp of false pastors, teachers and leaders for starters ?  

The foundations of these who are shaking hands with the devil and giving way to false teachers and prophets appeasing the itching ears of all who are not serious about The Gospel of Jesus Christ, need their strongholds demolished their foundations restructured God's Way.  When those responsible for a downfall of a church - Capital Christian Center Sacramento, Cal. making the headlines recently regarding incapable handlers of The Word of God and  who are pastors, teachers and leaders don't prioritize the
 uncompromised Word of God as Truth, are now being pegged as those corrupting our very own state of Christian Churches and our nation as well.  

So why should a governor of any given state DO RIGHT when our churches think nothing of SIN?

When the leaders of our churches don't teach and preach AGAINST SIN as the problem they are having with taking less than the narrow path of fruitfulness and eternal value of continuous growth God's Way, they become the stench in the nostrils of God. What's been in the news these past couple months in Sacramento, Ca. regarding one of our mega churches, Capital Christian Center, should never have happened.

 2Tim. 2:15 is
 foundational while creating a hunger for God's Word in the process

We often hear regarding those who judge: "Those who judge will never understand those of us who don't judge." This, another lie from the serpents mouth who would have no grounds if our local and not so local churches were vigilant with RIGHT teaching.

The removal of all those proven guilty for what has been done within God's Sanctuary and church as a whole, and consequences to follow, is not optional !!  Such a process is in the works, for CCC will not be having any further services, but have placed themselves under the ministry of Greg Farrington of Destiny Christian Church in Rocklin. As he has said, he will not be taking on any of the debt of CCC and he has made clear, he is not doing this out of any kind of obligation but for a need to be filled. Pastor Greg has also made it clear, he will continue services at Destiny, the dynamics of how this will all come together have been strategically organized and only a great administrator for which Greg Farrington is well-known for, could pull this off.

The below quote is another lie from the pit of hell.  Lets get it right or step down from whatever you are are teaching and preaching using this lie and often scripture taken out of context to try to back this and get God to agree with you.

Lets DO IT RIGHT or don't do it at all. This quote below better not be happening in our churches as to appear to have God's stamp of approval.
Jesus said, IF  you love me you WILL obey my Word and my commands are not hard to do, He emphasized (1Jn. 5:1-5). This is referring to the moral law of God, not the mosaic law and is further understood by Rom. 8:1-3, and Gal. 5:18.

We know if we have studied the themes of each of the New Testament Churches in the bible, that there are differences and this happens for the culture of each location and of followers, as well as to the specific and targeted needs of a given Body of Believers. Let the same be said of what God wants to do with this fallen church, and no one - let me say it again, NO ONE and I don't care how loyal you want to remain to wrongs done and those who might have even been your friends involved with a whole lot of coverups happening, God's Judgment is at hand, and you just may be an accessory to a spiritual crime for things you knew happening and did not bring it to the attention to the right authorities. 

At the expense of Truth and DOING The Will of God with hard things, no one will escape His Judgment of known financial and/or sexual sins ignored way too long.  You better DO the right thing you know to do in any such downfall instead. This is not a suggestion. Here's what God has to say about this: 

The duty of a watchman in The Old Testament or, today which would be that wise steward  (administrator Grk.) of God's Word as a prophet/pastor would do (2Tim. 2:15) is in general declared in Eze. 33:1-6. The sum of whose business it is to warn the wicked man of his outright betrayal against God - called sin, and the consequences of doing or not doing it, is expressed in Ez.33:8-9, an objection of the people and the prophet's answer to it.

Ez. 3:18-19  "But if you do warn the wicked (anyone who sins with intent to harm or cover up a spiritual crime) person and they do not turn from their wickedness or from their evil ways, they will die for their sin; but you will have saved yourself.

Scriptures says, God is not fond of those trying to serve man and Him both. In fact, it's called doublemindedness, or worse yet, such a person is lukewarm.  These are neither hot nor cold and He will spit you out - Rev. 3:16.

The only way God would give His Stamp of approval where sin in any given church has occurred is if there is open repentance where open sin such as a financial bankruptcy pointing to mismanagement of God's Monies or other, took place.  This includes far more than "I'm Sorry." It includes restitution and remorseful heartfelt CHANGE.  A change you make a point of, letting all those wronged know you are sincerely remorseful, and this obvious longevity of change, your living testimony.  

Sometimes an entire make-over of pastors and leaders who are piloting a plane of mismanagement to say the least, need a swamp kind of chopping block removal. 

Yes, the few not guilty and who've reported the fallen church disaster to expose it, feeling utter remorse and shame themselves for what they knew was happening in their body of believers - its leaders specifically hiding sin for years only for it to accumulate to what we've read in the Sacramento Bee these past couple months or so, will receive the mercy of God when a closer evaluation of details are examined.  

However, for anyone knowing what was happening in all areas of serious sins starting with church pastors and leaders of this church or any others like it suffering from the anguish of sin and not speaking up to the right people qualified to make a difference and turn this plane around, can and will ruin the whole batch. It appears with Pastor Greg taking over and Destiny having church in Capital Capital Christian's Sanctuary, that already some major clearing away of the swamp has happened.  The already ruined batch of the whole batch, with so many leaving the church which would certainly contribute to the Bankruptcy shame now exposed, certainly appears to be working itself out with a well-proven and tested pastor/prophet on board as the head pastor of both, CCC and Destiny.   

When a church goes into bankruptcy, the statement the world hears is, why didn't their God step in and in His Own Ways create the finances needed, so to not incur such a black mark on them and their church?  Hiding sin and telling victims of sexual abuse with lawsuits going on now, to not tell or else, with ongoing sins and lies that have snow-balled weakening the innocent of God's Flock just standing in the way getting wind of all this, will see nothing less than a Titanic kind of disaster that never should have happened.  A church now under water and a pastor that most likely has prayed "God give me the hill country" of hard things no one else would even consider touching while picking up the pieces of brokenness to make something great out of it, has no ulterior motives than to magnify The Living Risen Lord and God in the process. It's what, an authentic Pastor Prophet does.

When church pastors and leaders have little by little let known sins snowball, a catastrophe will always be the end of the story.  Can God make something good of this?  He most definitely could.  It would take getting the right pastor and team of one voice, heart and mind involved.  Filling the gap CCC has left and sheep wondering here and there looking for green pasture to feed on, would require a holy strategic move forward. 

As the Holy Spirit leads Pastor Greg and Cathy and as their track record encourages, it's a sure game changer benefiting both, CCC followers of Greg's lead, and Destiny CC, Rocklin, California.        

         Here's what The Kingdom of God is like: Mathew 25:1-4

"Then shall The Kingdom of God be likened to ten virgins which took their lamps, and went forth to meet The Bride Groom.  And five of them were wise and five were foolish."

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